Company Profile

Bivar’s corporate headquarters are located in Irvine, CA USA with manufacturing in California, The United Kingdom, China and Taiwan.

Bivar is a global leader that’s been helping customers get the most out of advanced technology since it launched its first product in 1965. It’s widely supported by a highly qualified network of manufacturer representatives and authorized distributors and our long term relationships and strong partnerships enable us to reach a diverse range of designers, engineers, and purchasing professionals.

Our Mission:

To build upon the heritage of innovation and responsiveness that has long characterized the name Bivar by continuously focusing on superior customer value in all that we do.

Our Global Citizenship:

Bivar generously contributes its talented workforce, financial resources and leadership toward positive global citizenship. We actively support educational and community interests and we do our part to ensure environmental responsibility for the generations to come. All Bivar products are manufactured to be RoHS compliant.

Fast Facts:

Founded: 1965
Corporate Structure: Private, Employee Owned
Headquarters: Irvine, CA USA
Sales Network: Authorized Distribution, Manufacturers Representatives

Enclosure Hardware products from Bivar are used by companies around the world to enable exact electronic component alignment and precision placement of technology in and around all types of industrial applications.

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LED Indication products from Bivar make moving light from point-to-point practical, easy, efficient, and affordable. Our diverse offering gives you lots of ways to help your end-products say more with LEDs.

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Califia Lighting, a Bivar Company, serves a growing base of customers transitioning to energy efficient high quality LED lighting technology in Industrial and Commercial applications.

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