A.S. Advantage

We are a dynamic design engineering-driven team which provide solutions to any custom LED Illumination and Indication needs across all vertical markets

New Product Design and Development

We use System V methodology for new product design and development, this allows us to support at any stage of product’s life cycle (from cradle to grave).

When working with custom products/solutions, there are no engineering charges except for special cases. We strive to provide excellent customer experience by offering close communication with our engineering team.

Advanced Solutions V Model

Diverse Custom Product Designs

Our design knowledge allows us to offer solutions from integrating software and hardware for intelligent indication and illumination applications such as backlighting, edge lighting, design-specific lighting, IC-Integrated LEDs, 360° illumination optical fiber, PCB/PCBAs, and more.

Flexible Manufacturing System and Lead Time

We provide support for projects of all sizes and scopes. When creating custom solutions of standard components, there is no tooling cost  and minimal tooling change cost.

We offer free first article samples on charged tooling for manufacturing validations, with a standard lead time of 6 weeks and production within 8 weeks.

Design Verification and
Resilient Supply Chain

Our quick turn capabilities allows us to provide prototype samples for design verification. You can expect your rapid prototype samples between 2-3 weeks.

Our global presence enables us to fulfill demand anywhere your design and manufacturing leads us.

Key Technical Product Parameters

Light transmission rates for visible + IR light spectrum 400-1000nm wavelength


Our light pipes have operating temperature range from -160°C to 140°C.

Unlimited product shelf life at STP conditions

Conflict of Origins compliant

Light transmission rates for ultraviolet lights spectrum 260-399nm wavelength


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