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LED Indication and Illumination

Engineering Expertise

The Bivar Advanced Solutions team was formed to serve and support OEMs in need of LED Indication and illumination engineering expertise. Our dynamic engineering driven approach builds on 56 years of problem-solving and product innovation to create custom solutions that rise to meet today’s complexity and accelerating pace, while ensuring the uppermost in quality and long product lifecycles.

Making a Positive Difference

Advanced Solutions reflects the passion and customer commitment found in all Bivar Employee-Owners. We care deeply about our communities and we have seen firsthand while working on design projects with customers how today’s product technologies make a positive difference in everyday life for people all over the globe.

Stylish Female Engineer and Male Specialist Talking Lean on the Table Work with Blueprints, Documents and Tablet Computer. Working on Program and Manipulation of Robot Arm Movements. Modern Facility
Advanced Solution Cycle 2

Trusted Extension of Our Customers Design Groups

We engage early in the customer product design-cycle, we listen, we assess, and we apply high-value problem-solving to present the best available options.

We work as a trusted extension of Customer project design groups. We incorporate our Rapid Engineering program and work closely throughout each stage to deliver project success.

Application Examples

LED Assembly for Control Panel Indication

LED Assembly for Control Panel Indication Commercial airlines have a call button installed in every row that indicates to flight attendants that customers need their services. This requires a reliable and easily identifiable LED which is located in the overhead close to other components, which requires to be protected with a lens...

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Backlight and LED Indication for Displays

Fuel dispensers are ubiquitous and quite important for everyone who has a vehicle that that it’s not electric. Every single fuel dispenser has indicators that provide gas price, amount of fuel dispensed and the type of fuel that’s being pumped into vehicles.
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Light Pipe Array with Zero Light Bleed™ Protection for Data Center Servers

Light Pipe Array with Zero Light Bleed™ Protection for Data Center Servers Data Centers contain multiple racks and cabinets with servers that manage great amounts of data for customers from a wide range of industries such as medical and financial. Light pipes provide a visual indication of server activity in data centers.

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