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LED Indication

We have indication solutions designed to maximize light efficiencies and create a zero light bleed environment in any application. These proprietary trademarked products have been tested and approved by engineers around the world looking for the features and configurations that fit their projects.


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Rigid Light Pipes

Vertical and right angle rigid light pipes are engineered to carry light shorter distances in moderate to high vibration conditions and in damp or dusty environments. Chose from a selection of board mount or panel press-fit mounting types compatible with most LEDs. Customization available.

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Flexible Light Pipes

Move light longer distances around PCB obstacles and provide ESD protection for sensitive components. Choose an optical fiber diameter based on the flexibility and luminosity requirements and adapters with many mounting and LED options. Customization available.

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Panel Mount Indicators

Daylight viewable indicators with several lens profiles and panel cutout options for uniform illumination. Offered in a wide-range of lens sizes, voltages, colors, terminals, wavelengths and housing materials. Customization available.

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Circuit Board Indicators

Right angle and vertical mounting options in single, bi, tri and quad configurations. Available in multiple lens sizes, profiles, levels and color combinations. Customization available.

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Explore our full line of LED products designed for high-efficiency output and energy reduction. Standard packages avaialbe in many colors, luminosities, wavelengths and mounting options.

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LED Replacement Lamps

Metal based lamps with industry standard sockets designed for environemnts with a low voltage lighting requirements. Offered in various voltage and brightness levels and sizes.

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Ultraviolet and Infrared LEDs available in surface mount standard packages and through hole options. Available in a many of visible light wavelengths(nm) and luminosities. Customization available.

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LED Mounts / Holders

A large selection of panel mount clips and rings including extruded and molded self-retaining LED mounts to secure and position your LED modules with precision. Customization available.

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