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LED Modules

Optimized for high CRI, exceptional light output and uniformity, LED modules provide an efficient light source in a thermally constrained design, suitable for a range of applications.


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Designed with Lumileds Luxeon LEDs and optimized for high output, CRI, and lighting uniformity. Available in single or multi-chip form, operate on low voltages, contain a temperature test point, and are available with a male connector, or with an 8 or 12 solder pad termination.

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Featuring CREE XLamp-SC³ Technologyâ„¢, the L22 series is a superior light source delivering greater color consistency, high efficacy and luminous output. Modules are available in multi-color and white LEDs, multiple viewing angles, and feature a case temperature test point for safe operation.

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Incorporating CREE XLamp dice design, the L2 series delivers exceptional luminous output in a small form factor. LED modules operate on low voltages, feature a case temperature test point for safe operation, and are offered in multiple viewing angles with optional pre-soldered connectors.

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