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PCB Card Guides

Vertical or horizontal card guides for every possible application or environment including low profile, high vibration and static sensitive PCB mounting options.


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Supports high temperature, shock and vibration environments and accommodates a wide range of panel thicknesses and subrack systems.

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Supports greater PCB component density, maximum component placement, and available in a wide range of lengths.

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Guides for backplane daughter cards and parallel mounting of peripheral devices provide an innovative mounting method for a variety of applications.

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Thin footprint and narrow widths provide improved air cooling in high density PCB stacking in subrack enclosures.

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Assures maximum retention for single and multi-layer PCBs in subrack enclosures providing secure placement in high shock and vibration applications.

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Industry Standard Snap-in Card Guides for 1/16" and 3/32" PCBs with firm retention provide rigidity, strength and heat resistance.

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Integrated grounding with snap-in mounting pylons for panel retention and press-fit installation.

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Enables vertical installation in a range of widths for 1/16", 3/32", and 1/8" PCBs and provides design flexibility for tandem mounting of multiple PCBs.

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Available in a variety of lengths with optional ESD clips and built-in card retention features providing ultimate durability and security.

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