Bivar Rigid and Flexible Light Pipes: Moving Light for Security and Surveillance

Security and surveillance hardware is essential for securing people, equipment, and assets at industrial, commercial, and residential locations. These systems contain control panels for real-time tracking and remote monitoring. Control panels utilize visual displays such as LED indicators to communicate the system’s status to users in a location.

Designed using optical-grade thermoplastics, Bivar’s cutting-edge rigid light pipes and flexible light pipes and pipe arrays can achieve maximum luminous transmittance with minimal to zero light leakage in a broad range of equipment. Combined with suitable surface-mount or through-hole LEDs, our products provide excellent visual communications on control panels for security and surveillance systems. Key applications include asset monitoring systems for organizations, home security, RFID security for smart manufacturing, and emergency kiosks.

Our solutions

Eliminate Light Bleed

Bivar surface and board mount LPR and LPV rigid light pipes utilize Zero Light Bleed adapters to eliminate light leakage in and around the PCB and adjacent light pipes. Our light pipes are designed to maximize LED indicator illumination by channeling light directly to the lens.

Increase Visual Communications

Our light pipes provide LED indication in a wide variety of equipment to increase visual communications. Our rigid light pipes and pipe arrays are available in right-angle or vertical configurations to fit any kind of LED orientation on the PCB.

Maximize User Interface Control

Bivar LED light pipes can communicate a wide range of signals to users, enabling more efficient operation. Our LPAR and LPAV rigid light pipe arrays feature a quadruple station to optimize spacing in panels that require several LED indicators.

Achieve Greater Design Flexibility

Secure systems have diverse needs, and Bivar light pipes are available in a variety of shapes, colors, footprints, IP ratings, and voltages to suit diverse applications. Zero Light Bleed light pipes can move the light around design obstacles while minimizing light loss. We also offer custom solutions to meet application-specific requirements.

Applications in Security & Surveillance

Manufacturing Plant RFID Controller

Security infrastructure for Industry 4.0 can utilize RFID technology to mitigate security challenges affecting manufacturing processes. RFID controllers for manufacturing plans are smart devices integrated into control systems of production lines and assist in product tracking and control and prevention of unauthorized access. These devices use RF waves to identify products carrying compatible RFID tags when placed close to a reader.

Bivar PLPQ and PLW5 front-mounted rigid light pipes can be integrated into RFID controllers to indicate the status of processes to users. The wide-capture lens of the PLPQ allows a user to see more light than other light pipe models. It comes in a variety of lengths and lens profiles (dome, dome-diffused, dome-smoked, and flat) to suit any application. The PLW5 utilizes a microlens to capture more light for a brighter emittance.

Security and surveillance solutions are also required for harsh environments, such as applications that require potting or other harsh industrial applications. Bivar LPAR and LPAV light pipe arrays utilize UL94-V0 rated material, which provides superior protection against combustibles and are available in 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm sizes.

Control Panel for Wireless Home Security

A wireless home security system can provide protection for homeowners to prevent intrusion or theft by unauthorized persons. These systems consist of spy cameras, motion sensors, glass-break detectors, and buzzers that are managed from a central control panel, which enables wireless interactions between a user and the security elements.

Homeowners can only have peace of mind and confidence in their home security systems if they can depend on the reliable transmission of critical data across a host of platforms, and Bivar’s rigid light pipes help provide a dependable and accessible visual transmission of a home’s security status.

Control panels for wireless home security contain buttons and speakers, as well as LCD screens and LED indicators for communicating the security status of a property to the user. Our LPA rear-mounted, rigid light pipes feature a quadruple station that maximizes LED indication and spacing in these control panels. They are available in 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm lens sizes, as well as dome and flat lens profiles.

Hands-Free Emergency Assistance Call Box

Emergency call boxes provide secure communication to users for swift assistance in the event of an emergency. Made up of hands-free phone lines, fiber-optic/ethernet cables, and pole-mounted video IP cameras connected to secure central servers, these boxes can be found near highways and are monitored from control centers. During an emergency, a user can request the assistance of an emergency response team through SOS voice calls or video capture.

Control centers for emergency call box services utilize hardware containing circuit boards for real-time data acquisition and incident reporting. The hardware includes LED indicators that communicate the status of the call box center being monitored to people in the control room. Whether or not these systems operate correctly can literally be the difference between life and death, and Bivar’s light pipes are designed to work in harsh environments when it matters the most.

Bivar PLTR light pipes are IP67 rated for dust, water, and contact protection. Available in 3mm and 5mm lens sizes, they are ideal for outdoor applications like emergency call boxes, and contain a special white/black gasket to prevent water intrusion.