LED Indicators
Innovative products and highly configurable solutions designed to enhance machine-to-human communication across a range of applications.

Panel Mount LED Indicator Assemblies
Light Pipe & LED Selector

Discover the perfect Light Pipe & LED solution for your application.


Available in a range of color with various lenses, package types, and intensities.

Flexible and Rigid Light Pipes
Light Pipes

Choose Rigid or Flexible Light Pipe Systems in a wide-range of sizes, lenses, and mounting options.

Board Mount LED Assemblies
Board Mount LED Assemblies

Right angle and vertical assemblies in a range of LED sizes, shapes, levels and color combinations.

Panel Mount LED Indicator Assemblies
Panel Mount LED Assemblies

Metal and plastic panel mount indicators featuring a variety of LED colors, sizes, lenses, and connection options.

LED Mounts & Holders
LED Mounts, Holders

A variety of mounting options and configurations to secure and elevate LED modules or arrays.