PLTR IP67 Threaded

Vertical Threaded Press Fit Mount Light Pipe
Press-fit front mount IP Rated with threaded retention, available in 3mm or 5mm.

Bivar LED Colors Available

When placing an order, add the color code to the end of the part number listed below. See datasheet for details.
Image shown is part number PLTR5-48MM-PR1


Light Pipe, Rigid, IP67 Press Fit (Front) Threaded Retention, 3mm Round Lens, 2.000 (50.8mm), Black Gasket Seal

  • Seals to IP67 Rating
  • Material: Polycarbonate 94V-0, Clear
  • Dome Face, Front Mounting

Ideally suited for use with a variety of Bivar surface mount and through hole LEDs, now offered in a greater selection. For more information, please contact