Light Pipe and LED Indicator Selection Made Easy

Bivar makes choosing a light pipe simple with two categories Rigid and Flexible
available in a full-line of standard products that can be customized for most applications.
Our LEDs fall into three categories Surface Mount, Through Hole, and Specialty LEDs. Combined with our light pipes engineers’ can appreciate the simplicity, design flexibility and cost efficiencies only available from a manufacturer who offers an all-inclusive approach to Moving Light.

Check out the interactive product selector below to learn more about our Light Pipe and LED solutions.

Flexible Light Pipe System

Flexible light pipe systems are comprised of an adapter and an optical fiber with lens cap assembly. The adaptor is mounted directly to the PCB and the lens cap is connected to the panel.

> Moves Light Greater Distances
> Convenient Hot-Swap Removal
> Removes Current in Hazardous Environments
> ESD Protection for Sensitive Components

> IP Rated Lenses Available
> Best Suited with Bivar SMD LEDs
> Customizable

Rigid Light Pipe

Rigid light pipes are available in Vertical Press-Fit, Right Angle or Vertical Board Mount options.

> Moves Light Short Distances
> Optical Grade 94V-0 Polycarbonate
> Channel More Light with Less Bleed

> Best Suited with Bivar Narrow View LEDs
> Customizable

Surface Mount & Through Hole LED

LEDs are available in Surface Mount and Through Hole packages and are soldered directly to the PCB.

> Narrow Viewing Angle to Maximize Luminosity
> Low Power Consumption
> High Intensity Output

> Wide Selection of Colors
> Single, Bi-Colored and Tri-Colored
> Specialty Ultraviolet and Infrared LEDs

Optical Fiber & Lens Cap Assembly

Comes in one piece with a lens attached to optical fiber using Bivar proprietary process for maximum adhesion, strength and light output.

> 1 and 2mm Diameter Fiber Thicknesses
> Fiber Length from 1” to 328’
> Standard and Custom Lens Shape Options
> IP68, IP67 and IP54 Rated Also Available

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Surface Mount
> SMTV01 Series Adapter Features a Built-In 0606 SMD LED
> SMFLP Series Adapter Designed for Use with Separate Bivar SMD LED

Through Hole
> ORFLP Series Adaptors Feature a Built-In R20/ R50 Superflux LED
> FLP Series Adaptors Contain a 3mm LED

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Surface Mount LED

Surface Mount LEDs are intended for use in a wide range of applications and are recommended for use with Bivar Rigid or Flexible Light Pipes.

> Industry Standard Packages
> Low Power Consumption
> Single, Bi-Color, and Tri-Color Options
> Variety of Viewing Angles, Wavelengths, and Intensity Combinations
> Proprietary Inner Lens Feature for Increased Luminosity
> Tape and Reels for Pick-and-Place Assemblies

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Through-Hole LED

Through-Hole LEDs are available in a wide range of industry standard packages.

> Water Clear, Diffused, and Tinted Lenses
> Standard and Flange Lead-Frame
> Can Be Paired with Clip and Ring Assemblies
> Shoulder Lead Frame Styles for Vertical Spacer Assemblies Without Lead Bends

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Ultra Violet and Infrared | Specialty

Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) LEDs are provided for application specific designs and can be used with other Bivar LED indication products.

> Industry Standard Packages
> Low Power Consumption, High Efficiency
> UV LEDs Available 385nm to 405nm ranges
> UV is Equipped with a Built-in Protective Zener Diode
> Water Clear Lens, Tight Viewing Angles

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Vertical Press-Fit Mount

Vertical Press-Fit Mounts are offered in a variety of styles and heights.

> Mounting Styles: Rear, Front, Counter Sync, and IP67
> Positioned Above LED Without Touching It
> Standard Lengths from .100” – 1.5” or 3mm – 10mm
> Lens Sizes: 1, 2, 3, or 5mm
> Lens Shape: Round, Square, Flat
> Lens Appearance: Low Profile, Diffused, Smoked
> Best Suited with a Bivar SMD LED
> Customizable

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Vertical Board Mount

Vertical Board Mounts are offered in a variety of styles and heights.

> Mounting Pins Can Be Heat Staked/ Glued to PCB
> Standard sizes from .200 - .650 or 5.1mm – 16.5mm
> Lens Sizes: 3mm or 4mm X 2mm
> Lens Shapes: Rectangular, Round or Flat
> Best Suited with a Bivar Surface Mount LED

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Right Angle Board Mount

Right Angle Board Mounts are offered in single and multi-station configurations.

> Configurations: 1, 2, 3, or 4 stations
> Mounting Pins Can Be Heat Staked/ Glued to PCB
> Range of Elevation and Protrusion Options
> RLP Series Have a Shielded Body to Maximize Light Output
> Lens Sizes: 3, or 5mm
> Lens Shapes: Rectangular, Round, Flat
> Best Suited with a Bivar SMD LED

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