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Industrial Automation & Control

Bivar engineers excel at directing LED light to ensure safety, reliability, and compliance in any harsh environment. We are helping customers with integrated indication and illumination technologies that improve manufacturing floor monitoring to safeguard assets from hazardous conditions.

Some of the Applications We Address

Industrial Machinery Controls

Engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on monitoring system software. Welding robotics and digital manufacturing operation.

Digital Factories

Industry 4.0

Intelligent Buildings

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Bivar is providing LED Indication and Smart Device product innovation to customers expanding worldwide connectivity. We are experts at directing light throughout complex systems from servers, and edge computing, to data centers and 5G system infrastructure.

Some of the Applications We Address

Data Centers

Cloud Computing



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Bivar understands how quality trustworthy products make a positive difference in the medical systems and devices that change lives.  High performance Bivar LED Indication and Illumination solutions enable crucial Human Machine Interface across a range of medical technology applications.

Some of the Applications We Address

Connected Life Technologies

Medical Disposable Devices

Medical Smart Devices

Medical Human Machine Interface

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EV, Autonomous & Automotive, Transportation

Bivar is passionately supporting the LED Indication and Illumination requirements of this rapidly expanding market. We apply our rugged design and environmental expertise to create high quality long-lasting solutions for Electric Vehicles, their charging infrastructure, and Non-Automotive Transportation.

Some of the Applications We Address

Electric Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

Connected Transportation

Hybrid & Electric Mobility

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Renewable Energy

Bivar understands the need for reliable operations in the harshest of conditions. Water, extreme temperatures, and vibration demand product designs conform to strict regulatory ISO guidelines. We integrate LED light, ingress protection, and intelligent control to meet the challenge.

Some of the Applications We Address





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