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Entertainment Application Helping to Create Unforgettable Memories

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Motion tracking is used in the entertainment industry to add special effects. Special effects are used in popular action movies and engage viewers to trade the real world for a fictitious one. Lighting equipment is used in motion tracking systems to help track the movement from small reflective markers that are attached to a person. When the light reflects off the markers, the motion is “captured,” allowing entertainment gurus to design memorable scenes with special effects.

A customer from the entertainment industry asked Bivar to help design and manufacture a custom lighting system for motion tracking applications. They were seeking a custom rigid light pipe which utilized four Infrared LEDs, an ambient light sensor (ALS), a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly all housed in a metal enclosure. They had several design parameters, including:

  • IP-50 rated
  • Fully adjustable for 1 inch of travel
  • Zero light bleeding
  • 20+ year life expectancy
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The entertainment company had created and tested several iterations of their design to validate the concept. However, the company needed a more robust design. From their testing, the company noticed light bleeding from the LEDs to the ALS. They sought a more robust design to fit their motion tracking needs.

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Our Advanced Solutions Engineering team understood the importance of timelines and is dedicated to serving our customers in an expeditious manner. We strive to improve our processes and expand our capabilities by offering an all-inclusive service model for our customers’ lighting needs.

When it comes to Light Pipe customization there is no one better! Bivar being a leader in ZeroLightBleed™ technology worked with our expert design engineers to create a fully customized design which separates the ALS sensor from the Infrared LEDs in closed proximity. This prevented light bleeding from the LEDs to the ALS, satisfying the customer’s design criteria. Our engineering team created all the necessary sub-components for the lighting system. During the design process, we assembled and validated each sub-component in-house.

Throughout the design and development process, our Advanced Solutions Engineering team was in frequent communication with the customer to ensure that all their specifications were satisfied. Bivar’s custom design solution for this entertainment company allowed them to conduct motion tracking swiftly and reliably.

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