EV fleet charging stations application

EV Fleet Charging Stations Application

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Design Challenge

Customer reached out to Bivar for assistance to help design and manufacture a full custom engineered assembly for EV charging application. This intelligent illumination assembly incorporated several components, including multiple RGB LEDs with full programmable control, custom reflector & lens design to ensure proper diffusion, even light distribution, and IP67 gasket for environmental protection. This assembly will be supporting large-scale commercial EV fleet charging stations which support supply and logistical distribution.

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Design Solution

This full custom illumination assembly was designed at a late stage of product development, around all other components inside of its enclosure assembly. There is a specific radius on the lens surface which must be flush with the enclosure and maintain an even gap. The user must be able to view from minimum of 15m away and 6m directly below in full daylight at any color spectrum. The product must also be IP67 rated, UL 2202, UL 746A and UL 94 V-0 certified. The lenses physical appearance on the surface must be Class A.

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Bivar Advantage

EV applications are rapidly spreading worldwide today. It is anticipated that roughly 50% of new vehicles on the road will be electric by 2035, and they will need a great deal of infrastructure to support. Here at Bivar, we are always looking at new ways to provide a cleaner today for tomorrow's future by providing optimal products which support the sustainability of our environment.

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