LC2 Series Optical Fiber/Lens Cap - System Interface

Application Details

Customer presented a unique opportunity that required light to be captured at the front panel, moved up to 10 inches through the enclosure and out the rear panel. After trying fiber optics and concluding that solution was not cost effective, they contacted Bivar for help with their design.

Application Requirements

Customer required a light pipe to move light within an enclosure for a distance of 10 inches from the front panel. The thickness of the front panel required a lens that could be mounted to a thicker than standard panel while collecting as much light as possible. A second lens was required on the remaining end to provide status indication at the back of the enclosure.

Solution & Product Selection

Given the length and path through the enclosure a flexible light pipe was most suitable. The lens size required, front panel thickness and mounting requirements suggested the LC2 series. A rear push mount lens cap was installed on the B end of the assembly at the back panel.

All-in-all: Meeting the need

Working with a very short window for first article approval, samples of a custom light pipe assembly were provided for test and final approval within 48 hours of receipt of the signed customer approval drawing. Bivar’s ability to meet a unique design challenge with a cost effective custom solution incorporating standard products allowed the customer to meet their demanding schedule. The first order for 10,000 units was placed with 72 hours of final approval.

Advanced Solutions

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