PLP2 Series Panel Press-Fit Rigid Light Pipe - Cloud-Based Video Recording System

Application Details

This customer is a leading provider of cloud-based video recording systems for public area surveillance. The processing capacity and panel configuration of the system varies depending on the area being surveilled. This means the number of light pipe indicators will vary from 6 to 24. All are numbered and located in a horizontal row making visual alignment and color consistency a high priority.

Application Requirements

A cost-effective light pipe that is easy to procure and install. It must be from a high-quality manufacturer that can provide the desired uniformity, so the panel meets brand visible appearance while not giving off any false-positive readings to end-users.

Solution & Product Selection

The circuit board proximity is close to the front panel, so the best solution was the top-selling PLP2 Series Rigid Light Pipe. This Rigid Light Pipe is a front mount press-fit style with a low-profile clear lens appearance and a viewing angle that enabled users to see the indicator from a diagonal viewpoint.

All-in-all: Meeting the need

Key to this PLP2 Series selection was the off-the-shelf availability from Bivar’s Global Distribution Partners. Volume pricing options were offered to designated Contract Manufacturers who were essential in getting the configurations to market. Quality products that deliver a consistent point of indication along with ease of supply provided the customer with a highly scalable product solution that will be used across their design platform.

Advanced Solutions

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