Theater Lighting System

Application Details

A leading portable stage lighting customer needs LED status indicators vertically positioned on a new version of a handheld remote-control unit. The handheld remote-control was relatively small presenting the designer with tight space constraints when positioning the surface mount LED inside the narrow remote-control casing.

Application Requirements

Due to the customer's limited panel space and tight placement space inside the case, the customer needs the smallest off-the-shelf light pipe and a smooth flush lens for sleek exterior case profile. For fit and compatibility, a small footprint surface mount LED is needed. The LED should provide moderate brightness without causing distraction in dark stage areas.

Solution & Product Selection

A Panel Press-Fit Rigid Light Pipe was determined to be the best light pipe solution for the customer's requirements. After reviewing the extensive standard product options, customer chose the PLPC1 series due to its very small 1mm lens diameter and unique flush mount countersink design.

Next, a surface mount LED was chosen for the design. The Bivar SM0402 series ultra-miniature package was selected as an ideal low-power match for this application. The water-clear lens enables adequate light output that is not too bright, avoiding distraction in the dark stage environment.

All-in-all: Meeting the need

Customer was able to obtain samples, small volume quantities, and purchase initial production volumes from distributor inventory which helped accelerate their tight schedule. This Light Pipe and SMD LED pairing provides the design engineer with a reliable and consistent status indication paired-solution that will be carried into other platform designs.

Advanced Solutions

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