PLW5 Panel Press-Fit Rigid Light Pipe - Industrial Secure Routers for Robotics

Application Details

Customer makes industrial secure routers for industrial robots and manufacturing equipment designed for automation networks. The router has integrated security solutions that protects the integrity of remote access and critical devices. The device allows users to configure, manage, and access automation machines and perform remote maintenance operations through audited, cyber-secured Ethernet channels.

Application Requirements

The customer needs a small, flush-mounted solution for 2-4 indicators per system.  They usually use a membrane overlay and need a flush mounted system to avoid any bumps under their membrane. They need the front panel to have bright indication with no glare and illumination consistency.

Solution & Product Selection

Dull indication was not ideal for this application. The PLW5 rigid light pipe family is press fit and panel mount. It has a plastic enclosure and a special capture lens on the LED side, so the user sees more light compared to other light pipes, keeping the indication crisp and clear. The round, wide capture is the perfect selection for the application needs.

All-in-all: Meeting the need

Customer needed a solution that would provide easy installation and offer flexibility while reducing light bleed but would offer consistent illumination over time.  Our PLW5 rigid light pipe solved that problem at an affordable price.  They needed to accommodate for a membrane overlay and the flush mount option solved that problem as well.

Advanced Solutions

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