PLW5 Panel Press-Fit Rigid Light Pipe - Noise Monitoring System

Application Details

Customer designed a remote noise monitoring system for an Airbnb rental property to monitor noise to avoid complaints from neighbors. Once the noise gets to a certain level, the monitor will alert the user.

Application Requirements

Customer needs the indication to be bright and wants to avoid light bleed.  Light only needs to travel a short distance and cost savings is ideal.

Solution & Product Selection

Dull indication was not ideal for this application. The PLW5 rigid light pipe family is press fit and panel mount.  It has a plastic enclosure and a special capture lens on the LED side, so the user sees more light compared to other light pipes, keeping the indication crisp and clear.  The round, wide capture is the perfect selection for the application needs.

All-in-all: Meeting the need

Bivar's PLW5's design lends to bright, crisp and clear indication without experiencing light bleed. The PLW5 light pipe delivered the bright indication needed to communicate over a short distance with clarity.

Advanced Solutions

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