sensor enclosure indication application

Sensor Enclosure Indication Application

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Design Challenge

Customer contacted Bivar to provide custom solution for indication purpose in a sensor enclosure. Indication is required on two sides of the enclosure, 90° apart from each other from one bi-color LED source. Previously, the customer was utilizing a Bivar standard component light pipe, but this only allowed for one source of light to be present on the user interface.

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Design Solution

The design requirement was to direct light from one LED source 90° apart on separate surfaces of one light pipe for indication. We had to maintain even light distribution with minimal hot spots. There is no IP rating required and all mounting features are incorporated into the design of the light pipe. Additionally, there are no parting lines on lens visible surface. Utilizing this custom design, the light pipe now has visibility from both surfaces, allowing for a better optimized product.

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Bivar Advantage

Customers are always looking to enhance their products and gain a competitive edge. With Bivar's expert engineering and strong manufacturing capabilities, we were able to simulate, verify and manufacture this custom light pipe which optimally performed within its given requirements.

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