Smart Pillow Application

Smart Pillow Indication Application

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Design Challenge

Customer contacted Bivar for an indication solution to transmit light from Printed Circuit Board (PCB) board to the indication panel in their smart pillow product. It involved complex routing and twists, making their current indication system not efficient to transmit light due to light bleeding and complicated design of light pipe. The pillow has power input, AUX output ports, and 4 buttons grouped together on the side of the pillow. The light pipe is being used in the power input button to indicate power input and status indication. Here, the light bleeding was the main concern. The LED light source was close to these buttons causing light bleed from multiple areas.

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Design Solution

We analyzed their current design and reconfigured the electronic components to optimize the light pipe route. The modified route enabled the LED light source to be placed far behind the indication area, resulting in simple light pipe design. The bleeding of light was addressed with Bivar's ZeroLightBleed™ technology. Final design allowed customer simplified PCB design, more packaging space, no light bleeding, easy assembly of light pipe, lower product assembly time, low power LED, and reduced product cost.

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Bivar Advantage

Today, millions of people suffer from tinnitus, constant ringing in the ears resulting in sleep disorders. Numerous studies show that music and soft sounds can help you fall asleep without disturbing the person sleeping next to you. Our solution will assist the indication of power status in smart pillow to facilitate healthy sleep.

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