solar energy power stabilizer systems application

Solar Energy Power Stabilizer Systems Application

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Design Challenge

Customer reached out to Bivar to assist in designing and manufacturing a custom IP rated rigid light pipe for indication in energy storage service panel used in solar energy power stabilizer systems. The power stabilizer has battery storage which is enclosed in the cabinet which prevents a maintenance person to see the battery status. The indication solution was necessary to allow the maintenance team to see the state of the battery on service panel outside of the cabinet.

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Design Solution

The light pipe operates in a harsh environment where dust and short periods of water immersion conditions are commonplace. To withstand these harsh conditions, we designed an IP67 rated custom rigid light pipe solution. It consists of threaded light pipe, sealing gasket, washer and locking nut. This solution now enables customer to see the service panel battery status outside the cabinet when needed.

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Bivar Advantage

Designing advanced energy technologies for critical infrastructure is vital today. We are assisting our customer to meet the vision of modernizing existing passive energy infrastructure to sustainably powered active energy systems by integrating Bivar indication solution for regular maintenance and status indication of battery power.

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