Product Category Listing


LED Indication

We have indication solutions designed to maximize light efficiencies and create a zero light bleed environment in any application. These proprietary trademarked products have been tested and approved by engineers around the world looking for the features and configurations that fit their projects.

Linear LED Lighting

Bivar, Inc. supplies lighting products that address the mechanical challenges created in industrial environments. We offer a wide-range of energy-efficient Linear LED lighting solutions to companies transitioning from traditional lighting sources to solid state lighting. High performance LED Lights are ideal for individual placement or in daisy-chained or track configurations. Applications include Enclosures, Cabinets, Workstations, and Data Centers.

Positioning Components

Choose from the largest selection of component mounts, insulators and spacers engineered for precision and quality. Permanent options or proprietary wash-away solutions are available for mounting and protecting components during the manufacturing process.

Securing Circuit Cards

Card guides, ejectors, handles, inserters and extractors in many sizes, shapes and colors to fit any application. These reliable products secure, protect and provide access to your PCB or circuit cards when troubleshooting or conduct routine maintenance.

Smart Technology