The Coastline BC5500 Series features high brightness performance in a linear low-profile aluminum fixture. It’s designed for individual linear fixture placement and for use in a daisy chain configuration. Fixtures are available in 12” (30.48cm), 24” (60.96cm), 36” (91.44cm), 48” (121.92cm) and come in a variety of white color temperatures, blue, green, and red. Low power consumption and a power input of 24VDC constant current voltage.

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Blue 475nm, Cool White 6500K, Green 528nm, Neutral White 4750K, Red 628nm, Warm White 3100K

Luminous Intensity

1150 Lumens, 125 Lumens, 1280 Lumens, 1295 Lumens, 1540 Lumens, 1720 Lumens, 195 Lumens, 250 Lumens, 320 Lumens, 375 Lumens, 390 Lumens, 400 Lumens, 445 Lumens, 500 Lumens, 585 Lumens, 640 Lumens, 760 Lumens, 780 Lumens, 870 Lumens, 960 Lumens


Connect in Daisy Chain, Daisy Chain Rotational Mounts, Single End Fixed Mount, Single End Rotational Mounts


12.0 in. (30.48cm), 24.0 in. (60.96cm), 36.0 in. (91.44cm), 48.0 in. (121.92cm)

Power Consumption

10.0 Watts, 15.0 Watts, 20.0 Watts, 5.0 Watts

Projection Angle




Power Input

24VDC Constant Voltage