Quad-level right angle circuit board indicators are shock and vibration resistant, providing an ideal space-saving solution. They feature interlocking holders from one to four stations and are highly configurable and available in a variety of lens and color combinations.

Available Options:


Additional information

Lens Size

1.8mm, 2mm x 3mm, 3mm

Lens Profile

Dome, Dome Diffused, Flat, Flat Diffused

Panel Cutout

Rectangular, Round

LED Color/Wavelength

Amber 605nm/Amber 605nm/Amber 605nm/Amber 605nm, Amber 605nm/Green 568nm/Amber 605nm/Green 568nm, Amber 605nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm, Blue/430nm, Green 565nm/Green 565nm/Green 565nm/Green 565nm, Green 568nm/Blue 430nm/Red 625nm/Green 568nm, Green 568nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm, Green 568nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm/Yellow 590nm, Green 568nm/Green 568nm/Red 625nm/Green 568nm, Green 568nm/Green 568nm/Red 625nm/Red 625nm, Green 568nm/Green 568nm/Yellow 590nm/Red 625nm, Green 568nm/Red 625nm/Green 568nm/Red 625nm, Green 568nm/Yellow 590nm/Green 568nm/Amber 605nm, Green 568nm/Yellow 590nm/Green 568nm/Red 625nm, Green 568nm/Yellow 590nm/Green 568nm/Yellow 590nm, Green 568nm/Yellow 590nm/Red 625nm/Amber 605nm, Green 568nm/Yellow 590nm/Red 625nm/Blue 430nm, Green 570nm/Green 570nm/Green 570nm/Green 570nm, Red 625nm/Green 568nm, Red 625nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm, Red 625nm/Green 568nm/Red 625nm/Green 568nm, Red 625nm/Red 625nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm, Red 625nm/Red 625nm/Red 625nm/Red 625nm, Red 625nm/Yellow 590nm/Green 568nm/Amber 605nm, Red 635nm/Green 568nm, Red 645nm/Red 645nm/Red 645nm/Red 645nm, Red 655nm/Red 655nm/Red 655nm/Green 565nm, Red 700nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm, Red 700nm/Green 568nm/Yellow 590nm/Amber 605nm, Red 700nm/Red 700nm/Red 700nm/Red 700 nm, Red 700nm/Yellow 590nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm, Red/625nm, Yellow 585nm/Green 565nm/Green 565nm/Green 565nm, Yellow 585nm/Green 565nm/Red 700nm/Yellow 585nm, Yellow 585nm/Yellow 585nm/Yellow 585nm/Yellow 585nm, Yellow 590nm/Green 568nm, Yellow 590nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm, Yellow 590nm/Green 568nm/Yellow 590nm/Green 568nm, Yellow 590nm/Red 700nm/Green 568nm/Yellow 590nm, Yellow 590nm/Yellow 590nm/Green 568nm/Green 568nm, Yellow 590nm/Yellow 590nm/Yellow 590nm/Yellow 590nm, Yellow/590nm

Luminous Intensity

.3mcd, .4mcd, .4mcd/.4mcd/.4mcd/.3mcd, .4mcd/.4mcd/.4mcd/.4mcd, 10/2/20/10mcd, 10mcd, 1mcd, 1mcd/1mcd/1mcd/5mcd, 200mcd, 20mcd, 20mcd/10mcd/20mcd/10mcd, 20mcd/10mcd/20mcd/20mcd, 20mcd/20mcd/10mcd/20mcd, 20mcd/20mcd/20mcd/10mcd, 20mcd/20mcd/20mcd/20mcd, 20mcd/2mcd/20mcd/20mcd, 25mcd, 25mcd/25mcd/25mcd/25mcd, 2mcd, 2mcd/1mcd/2mcd/1mcd, 2mcd/1mcd/2mcd/2mcd, 2mcd/20mcd/20mcd/20mcd, 2mcd/2mcd/2mcd/2mcd, 2mcd/2mcd/3mcd/2mcd, 2mcd/2mcd/3mcd/3mcd, 3.5mcd/4.5mcd, 30mcd, 3mcd/25mcd/25mcd/25mcd, 3mcd/3mcd, 3mcd/3mcd/2mcd/2mcd, 4.2/6.5mcd, 4.5mcd, 4.5mcd/5mcd/2mcd/4.5mcd, 4.5mcd/5mcd/5mcd/5mcd, 40mcd, 5mcd, 6/6mcd, 6mcd, 6mcd/6mcd, 6mcd/6mcd/6mcd/6mcd

Mounting Type

Right Angle


Quad-Level – 1 Station, Quad-Level – 4 Station