Incorporating CREE XLamp dice design, the L2 series delivers exceptional luminous output in a small form factor. LED modules operate on low voltages, feature a case temperature test point for safe operation, and are offered in multiple viewing angles with optional pre-soldered connectors.

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Female Connector 24.0 in.(60.96cm) Stripped/Tinned Wires, Male Connector, Solder Pads (4)

Operating Voltage

2.8 VDC, 2.9VDC, 5.2VDC, N/A


N/A, White 3000K, White 3100K, White 4000K, White 4100K, White 6500K

Luminous Intensity

103lm/169lm, 124lm/202lm, 130lm/148lm, 141lm/160lm, 144lm/236lm, 201lm/472lm, 241lm/566lm, 281lm/660lm, 80lm/125lm, 91lm/142lm, 97lm/152lm, N/A