Metal Panel Mount Indicators with a Recessed Lens in standard and IP54 sizes 3mm, 5mm, 8mm. Range of Voltages include 5V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V. Available without wires or with wires stripped/tinned, quick connect terminals, or .100 connector, and a range of LED colors.

Available Options:


Additional information

Housing Material



No Wires, Quick Connect Terminals, Wires Stripped/Tinned, Wires Stripped/Tinned .100 Connector


1.7VDC, 1.8VDC, 110V, 12V, 2.0VDC, 2.1VDC, 2.1VDC – Low Current, 220V, 24V, 2VDC, 2VDC – Low Current, 4VDC, 5V

Lens Size

3mm, 3mm IP54, 5mm, 5mm IP54, 8mm IP54

Lens Profile

Dome, Dome – Recessed – Diffused, Dome – Recessed – Tinted, Dome Diffused, Dome Tinted, Recessed Diffused, Recessed Dome, Recessed Dome Diffused

Panel Cutout


LED Color/Wavelength

Amber/605nm, Blue/430nm, Blue/465nm, Blue/470nm, Green/515nm, Green/525nm, Green/555nm, Green/568nm, Red 625nm/Green 568nm, Red/625nm, Red/645nm, Red/700nm, White/10000K, White/4500K, Yellow/590nm

Luminous Intensity

100mcd, 10mcd, 125mcd, 165nm, 1880mcd, 2.5mcd, 205mcd, 2090mcd, 20mcd, 250mcd, 25mcd, 2610mcd, 2mcd, 30mcd, 310mcd, 35mcd, 400mcd, 40mcd, 415mcd, 4910mcd, 4mcd, 50mcd, 520mcd, 5mcd, 60mcd, 625mcd, 6mcd/6mcd, 70mcd, 7315mcd, 80mcd, 835mcd