Industry standard PLCC2, PLCC4, PLCC6 package with wide viewing angles. This robust package is ideal for use with Bivar Light Pipes in general and harsh environment applications. Available in a wide variety of color and luminous intensities. Supplied in tape and reel.

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Amber/607nm, Blue/465nm, Blue/466nm, Blue/470nm, Green/520nm, Green/525nm, Green/557nm, Green/566nm, Green/570nm, Green/574nm, Orange/600nm, Orange/605nm, Red 620nm/Green 520nm/Blue 465nm, Red 625nm/Green 525nm/Blue 470nm, Red 625nm/Green 525nm/Yellow 591nm, Red 631nm/Blue 470nm, Red 631nm/Green 574nm, Red 631nm/Yellow 591nm, Red 631nm/Yellow 591nm/Blue 470nm, Red 640nm/Blue 466nm, Red 640nm/Green 570nm, Red 640nm/Green 570nm/Blue 466nm, Red 640nm/Green 570nm/Yellow 585nm, Red 640nm/Yellow 585nm, Red 640nm/Yellow 585nm/Blue 466nm, Red/620nm, Red/625nm, Red/628nm, Red/631nm, Red/640nm, White/4500K, White/5500K, White/5700K, White/6000K, White/6500K, White/8000K, Yellow 585nm/Green 570nm, Yellow 591nm/Green 574nm, Yellow/585nm, Yellow/587nm, Yellow/591nm

Voltage Rating

1.8 V/3.0 V/3.0 V, 1.85 V, 1.85 V/1.9 V, 1.85 V/1.9 V/3.3 V, 1.85 V/3.3 V, 1.85V/1.9 V/1.9 V, 1.9 V, 1.9 V/1.9 V, 1.9 V/1.9 V/3.2 V, 1.9 V/1.9V, 1.9 V/3.2 V, 1.9 V/3.3 V/1.9 V, 1.9 V/3.3 V/3.3 V, 2.0 V, 2.2 V, 3.1 V, 3.2 V, 3.3 V, 3.4 V

Lens Profile

Flat Diffused, Flat Water Clear

Luminous Intensity

115mcd, 11mcd, 1200mcd, 120mcd, 1350mcd, 1500mcd, 15mcd, 16mcd, 16mcd/40mcd, 1800mcd, 180mcd, 180mcd/115mcd, 180mcd/1450mcd/180mcd, 180mcd/1450mcd/285mcd, 180mcd/180mcd, 180mcd/180mcd/285mcd, 180mcd/285mcd, 250mcd, 2650mcd, 2700mcd, 270mcd, 285mcd, 36mcd, 36mcd/16mcd, 36mcd/16mcd/50mcd, 36mcd/40mcd, 36mcd/40mcd/16mcd, 36mcd/40mcd/50mcd, 36mcd/50mcd, 4000mcd, 40mcd, 450mcd, 50mcd, 570mcd, 600mcd, 600mcd/800mcd/350mcd, 700mcd, 800mcd, 850mcd


20 mA, 60 mA

Viewing Angle

120°, 140°