SMTV01 System

Ordered separately as Adapter and 2mm Optical Fiber/Lens Cap. Adapter comes with built-in Bivar 0606 SMD LED available in single color, bi-color, or RGB and provided on tape and reel. 2mm diameter optical fiber comes with a wide range of lens sizes, lens profiles, and lengths.

Available Options:


Additional information

Adapter LED Color/Wavelength

Green/515nm, N/A, Red 628nm/Green 515nm, Red 628nm/Green 515nm/Blue 465nm, Red 628nm/Yellow 590nm, Red/628nm, Yellow 590nm/Green 515nm, Yellow/589nm

Adapter Optical Fiber Diameter


Luminous Intensity

110/149 mcd, 143/325 mcd, 150/110 mcd, 150/149/86 nm, 163/325 nm, 163/325/95 nm, 190mcd, 246mcd, 270mcd, 348mcd, 370mcd, 420mcd, N/A