Surface Mount

Wide range of industry standard packages and options for use with Bivar Light Pipes. Single color, bi-color, and RGB colors supplied on tape and reel.

Available Options:


Additional information

Package/Case Size

SMD 0402, SMD 0603, SMD 0605, SMD 0805, SMD 1204, SMD 1206, SMD 1210


Amber 593nm/Green 575nm, Amber 610nm/Green 568nm, Amber/610nm, Blue/428nm, Blue/468nm, Green/500nm, Green/510nm, Green/523nm, Green/555nm, Green/563nm, Green/568nm, Green/573nm, Green/575nm, Orange/610nm, Orange/630nm, Red 630nm/Blue 468nm, Red 630nm/Green 523nm/Blue 468nm, Red 630nm/Green 575nm, Red 640nm/Green 568nm, Red 645nm/Blue 468nm, Red 645nm/Green 523nm/Blue 468nm, Red 645nm/Green 575nm, Red 660nm/Green 563nm, Red 660nm/Green 568nm, Red/630nm, Red/645nm, Red/655nm, Red/660nm, Red/700nm, White/5700K, White/6000K, White/6500K, Yellow 583nm/Green 568nm, Yellow 592nm/Green 575nm, Yellow/583nm, Yellow/590nm, Yellow/593nm

Voltage Rating

1.8 V, 1.85 V, 1.85 V/2.3 V, 1.9 V, 1.9 V/1.9 V, 1.9 V/2.0 V, 1.9 V/2.9 V, 2.0 V, 2.0 V/2.0 V, 2.0 V/2.3 V, 2.0 V/3.1 V/2.9 V, 2.0 V/3.3 V, 2.1 V, 2.1 V/2.1 V, 2.1 V/2.2 V, 2.1 V/2.9 V, 2.1 V/2.9 V/3.1 V, 3.0 V, 3.1 V, 3.3 V, 3.9 V

Lens Profile

Flat Water Clear

Luminous Intensity

0.9mcd, 1000mcd, 100mcd, 10mcd, 11.5mcd, 115mcd, 115mcd/115mcd, 115mcd/72mcd, 120mcd/60mcd, 120mcd/700mcd/145mcd, 1250mcd, 13mcd, 1450mcd, 145mcd, 1550mcd, 15mcd, 15mcd/15mcd, 16mcd, 180mcd/60mcd, 1mcd, 2.1mcd, 220mcd, 225mcd, 225mcd/145mcd, 24mcd/8.2mcd, 270mcd, 28.5mcd, 285mcd, 28mcd, 28mcd/10mcd, 3.6mcd, 360mcd, 4.5mcd, 40mcd, 440mcd, 450mcd, 45mcd, 48mcd, 50mcd, 550mcd, 55mcd, 600mcd, 6mcd, 6mcd/15mcd, 7.2mcd/18mcd, 70mcd, 72mcd, 72mcd/28.5mcd, 72mcd/285mcd/72mcd, 750mcd, 80mcd, 90mcd, 950mcd, 9mcd


2 mA, 20 mA

Viewing Angle

110°, 120°, 130°, 140°, 30°