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An overview of all Bivar's innovative products and solutions

Indication solutions designed to maximize light efficiencies and create a zero light bleed environment in any application

Choose from the largest selection of component mounts, insulators and spacers engineered for precision and quality.

Card guides, ejectors, handles, inserters and extractors in many sizes, shapes and colors to fit any application.

Wide-range of energy-efficient Linear LED lighting solutions for Enclosures, Cabinets, Workstations, and Data Centers.

Introducing FIVE new colors to our LED Indication and Securing Circuit Card products. Use color in your design to organize components, classify function, or simply breathe life into your project.

Innovative Zero Light Bleed adapter technology with built-in surface mount LED which will eliminates disruptive light bleed. The SZ series is available in a wide variety of options: optional built-in LED, unique fiber colors, and a range of sizes.


Engineered Solutions

Your partner in creating innovative designs and products using next generation technologies.

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