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When an award-winning student-run organization at the Georgia Institute of Technology called HyTech reached out to Bivar to help sponsor the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE®) competition we couldn’t say no! Bivar was happy to play a small role in empowering the future engineers to build the tomorrow’s products by helping them apply the classroom concepts in a real-world setting that cannot be duplicated in the classroom environment. The FSAE® competition challenges university students from around the world to conceive, design, fabricate, and compete with small, formula-style vehicles. Each year, teams from around the world send their cars to the FSAE® competition to see how their work stacks up against the best student-built vehicles.

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For our small part, Bivar was pleased to provide Surface Mount Indicators and Panel Mount Indicators to help the students build robust and lightweight components to test a fully electric race car. Due to COVID-19, the race was conducted in a hybrid format where the design event took place virtually and the performance event took place in-person in Nevada. In the design event, the judges from the automotive, motorsport, and aerospace industries, questioned the team on the design of the 2021 vehicle, HT05. The in-person event in Nevada was conducted to subject the cars to a stringent series of mechanical and electrical inspections to ensure safety and rule compliance before attempting to score points by competing the cars in autocross and endurance tracks. The teams struggled with the high temperatures, but the hard work paid off.

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Bivar was thrilled to hear when the HyTech Racing engineering team bagged a second-place trophy with the fastest average endurance lap time by beating teams from universities such as MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell etc. We are extremely proud of the Georgia Tech students and cannot wait to see what they accomplish next. Our special thanks to Georgia Tech for allowing us to be a part of this project and future projects to come.

Bivar loves to support other universities and communities by providing parts to help them succeed in their projects. Our Bivar Charities also support other national and local organizations to improve the lives of people throughout the world.

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