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Light Pipes in EV Chargers

Light Pipes in EV Chargers

In EV chargers, light pipes provide a way to safely display functions such as power, Wi-Fi connectivity, and charging status, while protecting the operator from electronics that might contain potentially lethal voltages.

When choosing a light pipe for EV charger applications, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. First is the decision between a rigid or flexible light pipe, either may be used depending on the internal configuration of the LEDs.

If the charger is intended for outdoor use, choosing the appropriate Ingress Protection (IP) rating is critical to ensure protection from dust and moisture.

Next, designers should consider the brightness of the display indication. If an EV charging station is located outside, for instance, the display must be visible in bright sunlight.

It’s also essential to design for maximum viewing angle. In a light pipe design, diffusion is used to increase the viewing angle, soften the light, and give a uniform appearance to the front panel indicator.

Finally, since EV chargers typically group the display indications close together on the panel, avoiding light bleed is crucial to prevent false readings of the charging system.

Designers must ensure that no light leakage occurs using a system such as Bivar’s ZeroLightBleed™ adapter technology.

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