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ZeroLightBleed™ Solutions

Zero Light Bleed Solutions

ZeroLightBleed™ Solutions

Bivar’s ZeroLightBleed™ is an innovative adapter technology which includes built-in surface mount LED. It delivers maximum light transmission in light pipes by channeling light directly to the lens.

The ZeroLightBleed™ technology helps eliminate disruptive light bleed which can cause false readings, muted and blended colors, and unwanted glow in the enclosure. ZeroLightBleed allows 25% more light and prevents crosstalk from other LEDs.

Bivar’s built-in LED adapters are created with durability to withstand harsh rugged environments.

Bivar also offers firm retention mounting adapters that compress into the PCB and expand once inserted all the way, giving it a secure fit for rugged applications.

Bivar has various fiber colors for identification to help the user stay organized during the installation or maintenance process.

The ZeroLightBleed™ family has different options to fit customer needs including single to array, flexible and rigid, vertical and right-angle, and various colors and lengths.

Bivar’s ZeroLightBleed™ products are commonly used in energy storage, secure entry systems, industrial equipment, and more. ZeroLightBleed™ solutions empower designs that shape the world around us.


SZR Series

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