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Rackmount Secure Handle

Wireless Rackmount Secure Handle

Part Number: BWRSH

Bivar’s wireless Rackmount Secure Handle is a direct replacement of a passive non-smart server rack handle. Each wireless unit utilizes a single Lithium-Ion 3.6V battery, set to a one hour heartbeat, with up to 10 years of life in optimal conditions.

Our sensor is a unique smart position monitoring device for the main purpose of detecting the movement or removal rackmount servers and/or rackmount network appliances for the data center community.  It utilizes long range communication and low power battery consumption.


  • Industrial/Scientific Grade Sensor
  • LED light with real time status
  • iOS or Android App for active monitoring of status and events
  • AES-128 Encryption with secure wireless and cloud communication
  • Easy installation with provided hardware

What's in the box:

  • BWRSH-____ Wireless Sensor
  • Battery Included and Installed
  • Bivar Android and IOS App Setup Instructions.

How does it work?

Once the BWRSH is properly secured to the server or network equipment and is mounted in the Rack, the BWRSH sends an event wirelessly to the App in the mobile device or computer, while the green LED of the BWRSH is activated for about 4-5 minutes which then will turn off if the server is not further removed from the rack. If the Server is removed from the Rack either manually or accidentally, the BWRSH will send an event wirelessly to the App, while the red LED of the BWRSH is activated for about 4-5 minutes which will then turn off. However, BWRSH will continue to send notification to the Bivar App.

If the Server is placed back in the rack, the BWRSH sends another event and the green LED is reactivated for 4-5 minutes and will then turn off.

Extended Battery Life

Bivar’s BWRSH Sensor power management provides a very long battery life compared to standard wireless sensor offerings. Our battery typically last for 5+ years (with about 10 years of life in optimal conditions).

Long Range Communication

Bivar’s BWRSH Sensor offers a long-range communication to our RF Wireless Gateways – 30 meters thru walls.

AES-128 Encryption

Bivar’s BWRSH Sensor employs AES-128 Encryption that maintains security from sensor to gateway, gateway to software and vice-versa.

Temperature Range

Bivar’s BWRSH Sensor optimally performs when operated within recommended normal temperature range of -40C – +85C.

BWRSH Fact Sheet

Includes details on how Bivar's Wireless Wireless Secure Handle can be used in an environment such as Data Center and Room Server Rack’s Security Monitoring.