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Moving Light for LED Indication

The reliability and effectiveness of your LED indication can have a direct impact on the reputation and future success of your company. We remain a trusted partner to many global corporations for decades, based on the quality of our products and the many options we provide.

Our off the shelf solutions are offered in a range of shapes, sizes, colors, voltages and IP ratings depending on the requirements of your application. Custom solutions can also be designed to accommodate unique application-specific requirements, for that perfect fit.

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Positioning Components

Your printed circuit boards play a critical role in whether you get the performance you need from your application. The components positioned on the PCB require accuracy, security and protection against vibration, pressure and electrostatic discharge.

We provide innovative solutions, like wash-away spacers that position and protect components during the manufacturing process. Our insulators and mounts not only protect delicate components, but allow them to be positioned up to a fraction of a millimeter on the board. These proprietary products have been carefully designed to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing technology industry

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Securing Circuit Cards

Securing and accessing circuit cards in enclosures and subracks is vital to the efficiency and protection of countless electronic components. Engineers carefully consider the environmental requirements of their application before choosing card guides and related enclosure hardware, to insure the longevity and reliability of their systems.

Bivar offers solutions that are designed around the needs of our customers, from high vibration environments to ejectors that prevent undue stress on circuit cards. If static sensitivity or temperature are of concern, or a low-profile vertical or horizontal mounting options are needed, Bivar is where engineers look first for solutions.

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Linear LED Lighting

As industrial enclosures, cabinets, workstations, and data center environments evolve, the outdated lighting used in these areas are being upgraded to increase space, improve aesthetics and optimize energy efficiencies.

Our premium energy-efficient low-profile LED lighting solutions are functional, efficient and visually appealing when upgrading your industrial enclosure environment. As with all Bivar products, custom solutions can also be designed to accommodate your applicationspecific requirements.

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led indicator solutions

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Need a custom solution?

Our Custom Solutions Team of experienced professionals guide customers through every stage of the process; from Concept to Statement of Work, Prototype Development through Production. We produce quality solutions that are designed for manufacturability, which is sometimes overlooked when working with less experienced companies.

Our Expertise

Our expertise gives us a unique ability to identify potential design complications and offer proven suggestions early in the process, which often saves our customers time and resources.

Bivar Custom Solutions Highlights
  • Simulation, Optical Analysis, Modeling, Prototypes
  • Statement of Work Process for Faster Time to Market
  • Document Management including Certifications and Compliance
  • Product Reliability and Failure Analysis Testing
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard

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New Products

Zero Light Bleed: New Surface Mount Rigid Light Pipe System

Light pipe design made easy

Bivar announces Zero Light Bleed adapter technology with built-in surface mount LED designed for optimum light pipe and LED compatibility, enhanced durability, and simplified sourcing. The innovative adapter technology channels light directly to the lens, eliminating disruptive light bleed.

Available in right angle LPR and vertical LPV configurations.


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