Trusted Experience Where it Matters

We support customers through every step of the design and production process and provide guidance with next generation end-product development.

  • Design

    Customers who partner with Bivar early in the design stage save time and resources. We help with the decision-making process and provide options with off-the-shelf products and custom solutions designed to fit your application and budget.

  • Production

    Bivar understands the production requirements of startups and corporate Fortune 500 companies. We provide assistance throughout the process including; engineering support, materials documentation, manufacturability, packaging and global logistics.

  • Next Generation

    Our relationships with customers last for decades. These partnerships begin with our vast knowledge and industry experience, and they continue with next generation solutions that evolve with your changing business.

Trusted LED experience
LEDs, from Design to Production to Next Generation

We’ve Got Your Application Covered

Customers choose Bivar for our extensive line of products based on real-world experience for over five decades.

Five Things Every Engineer
Should Know About LED Indication

IOT – Ready Solutions

We’ve worked within the technology space since the inception of the printed circuit board designing off-the-shelf component solutions for emerging markets. New applications are continuously being developed with unique specifications that require out-of-the-box thinking. Our innovative solutions and collaborative work process is the foundation of our success within these markets.

We help make your creative ideas a reality.

IOT - Internet of Things

Need a custom solution?

Our Custom Solutions Team of experienced professionals guide customers through every stage of the process; from Concept to Statement of Work, Prototype Development through Production. We produce quality solutions that are designed for manufacturability, which is sometimes overlooked when working with less experienced companies.

Our expertise gives us a unique ability to identify potential design complications and offer proven suggestions early in the process, which often saves our customers time and resources.

Bivar Custom Solutions Highlights

  • Simulation, Optical Analysis, Modeling, Prototypes
  • Statement of Work Process for Faster Time to Market
  • Document Management including Certifications and Compliance
  • Product Reliability and Failure Analysis Testing
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard
Custom LED Solutions

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