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From airliners to subsea vehicles, and everywhere in-between, we deliver innovative solutions that empower next-generation designs. Our dedicated team of Employee Owners is committed to customer success - helping you develop technical breakthroughs that change the way people around the world live and work.

Slide airplane cockpit controls LED Light from Computer Products scaled Indication solutions designed to maximize light efficiencies and create a zero light bleed environment in any application LED Indication WE DO Search Products Slide Search Products Card guides, ejectors, handles, inserters and extractors in many sizes, shapes and colors to fit any application. Securing Circuit
Card Hardware
WE DO managing a data center
Slide Search Products Choose from the largest selection of component mounts, insulators and spacers engineered for precision and quality. Positioning Components WE DO medical center IOT industry 4.0 Slide Read More Your partner in creating innovative designs and products using next generation technologies. Engineered
WE DO engineers working at desk Engineer working at desk with electronic testing tool
Slide Read More Your partner in creating innovative designs and products using next generation technologies. Smart
WE DO Technician sitting in control room Database worker

Industries We Serve

Bivar's products are designed into more than 20,000 unique applications around the world

Security and Surveillance

Securing people, equipment, and assets at industrial, commercial and residential locations.


Electronic components for switches, routers, power distribution units, storage networking, hand-held devices and more communication applications.

Industry 4.0

Find Bivar products in industrial automation, wearable electronics, portable devices, self-driving cars, robotics and more innovative solutions.

Customer Success

Discover how Bivar helps 20000+ companies deliver powerful, next-generation designs that shape the world around us.

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Engineered Solutions

We partner with our customers to deliver innovative and creative, fully-custom engineered solutions for next generation products.