Modular Light Pipes Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

MLPS is Bivar's newest product that improves the way devices communicate with humans. The Modular Light Pipe System (MLPS) is a patent pending configurable light pipe system with precision bezel alignment for optimum device communication. The system is easy to configure and install and will get your design completed and to market much faster than other available solutions.

There are two configurable options to MLPS: Rail and Tower and the Rail and Tower with Bezel System. These two modular system options provide you the freedom to choose configurations that suit your product application like 1x4, 2x8, 4x4, 1x12, and many more.

Matrix configurations as large as 8x12 are ideal for displaying light patterns unique to your specific application.

With Bivar's newest Modular Light Pipe System, your freedom to revolutionize your design is easier than ever!



The MLPS-RT Rail and Tower design combines an adjustable rail with ZeroLightBleed adapter technology resulting in a highly efficient light pipe system. The compact MLPS-RT PCB footprint saves valuable space while maximizing light output.



With Rail, Tower, and precision alignment bezel, MLPS-RTB, gives you the ultimate in modular light pipe system for device communication. It provides single part number convenience, along with ease of installation and the ability to personalize using Bivar's light pipe system configurator.



MLPS Overview Explanation Video
MLPS Highlights and Applications Video