Illuminating Solutions for Healthcare

Light Pipes You Can Trust

Medical designs and equipment must conform to the highest standards. The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) assesses medical devices to define possible risks for patients. Strict regulations are necessary to support a safe environment for medical providers and patients.

Trust is essential in healthcare—you need quality products you can rely on for medical designs and devices. Bivar offers an array of illumination lighting solutions for Human Machine Interface (HMI) and various medical systems.

We are committed to working with healthcare industries to:

  • Create custom lifesaving solutions
  • Promote ease and efficiency
  • Make a positive impact on healthcare systems

Numerous rigid light pipes, panel mount indicators, and LEDs are installed throughout healthcare environments due to their ability to meet stringent regulations that promote safety for medical providers and patients.

Rigid light pipes and flexible light pipes are for HMI indication applications with an IP67 rating meaning the light pipes can endure sterilization processes and protect against liquids, dust, and airborne particles.

Flexible light pipes are for minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedures such as heart surgery and kidney transplants. In-cavity lighting is the best option for MIS procedures—flexible light pipes allow for illumination of very specific target areas for optimal visibility.

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