Component Mounts / Insulators

Mount and protect components with a wide variety of core thicknesses ranging from narrow, medium and wide. Available in many standard lengths sizes to fit any application. Customization available.

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  Crystal Oscillator Insulators

Optimal crystal oscillator insulation and elevation from the PCB.


  • Improves performance and cooling efficiency.
  • Made from UL rated 94VTM-2 polyester film.
  • Range of dimensional options.

  Machine-Screw Insulators

High temperature shoulder washer.

  SW Component Mounts / Insulators

  • Easily insert and spread the. load of threaded fasteners.
  • Use with component sizes TO-3, TO-66, TO-218, TO-220, TO-247.
  • Made from UL rated 94V-0 nylon.
  • Range of dimensional options.

  Semi-Rigid PVC Mounts

Mount for semiconductors and passive components.


  • Provides uniform spacing.
  • Protects components from shock, vibration, and overheating.
  • Made from UL rated 94V-2 nylon.
  • Range of dimensional options.