New Products

MLPS is Bivar's newest product that improves the way devices communicate with humans. The Modular Light Pipe System (MLPS) is a patent pending configurable light pipe system with precision bezel alignment for optimum device communication. The system is easy to configure and install and will get your design completed and to market much faster than other available solutions.


ELM-P is Bivar’s latest addition to the ELM family. ELM-P is designed with a unique polarity identifier for cathode. This new feature allows design engineers and assemblers to identify and match the cathode on the component and PCB and prevents accidental placement of components with wrong polarity which could damage the PCB and or the component.


Right angle low profile ZeroLightBleed™ adapter system for Bivar SMD LED and Flexible Light Pipes.


Bivar’s latest addition to our RGB LED lineup comes in the form of 0807 and 1204 miniature standard packages. Their high luminous intensity can be used in a variety of industries, and the flexible three chip design allows for a wide variety of lighting options where the chips can be individually driven or mixed to create numerous color and intensity combinations.

Bivar’s IP68 Rated Sealing Gasket Lens Cap is designed to provide ingress protection to LED status indication for applications exposed to harsh environments. The SGLC Series panel press-fit lens caps provide highly visible LED Status Indication with easy front mount installation.

Bivar’s IP67 Rated “Heavy Duty” Rigid Light Pipe for use in rugged industrial-grade applications. The RHD Series provides product designers with a compact alternative to Flexible Light Pipes when space is constrained inside enclosures and on PCBs.

ZeroLightBleed™ adapter system for Bivar SMD LED and flexible light pipe.