Illuminating Solutions for Communications

LED Indication for the Future of Communications

From the smart devices in our pockets to the wireless infrastructure that puts them online, we rely on communications innovations to keep us connected.

Bivar provides LED indication and illumination solutions for a wide scope of communications applications. We are experts at directing light throughout personal smart devices and computers as well as complex systems like servers, edge computing, data centers, and 5G/IoT system infrastructure.

LED indication is often the primary interface between a user and product, communicating essential information like battery life, signal strength, emergency warnings, and more. Bivar’s range of lighting solutions for telecom ensures clear, accurate, reliable readings for an unbeatable user experience.

With 50+ years of experience in LED illumination solutions and circuit board/component hardware, we are ready to work with your in-house engineering team on switches, routers, power distribution units, storage networking, hand-held devices, and more.

Our light pipes, LEDs, and design support services aim to:

  • Eliminate light bleed
  • Increase visual communications
  • Maximize user interface control
  • Achieve greater design flexibility

Rigid light pipes are designed to carry light shorter distances in damp, dusty, high-vibration environments, making them ideal for applications like public video surveillance systems and backstage remote controls in theaters.

Flexible light pipes allow light to move longer distances around PCB obstacles, providing adaptable, cost effective solutions for custom designs with non-standard configurations.

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