LED Illumination Solution for

Bring your LED challenges to Bivar. With over 50 years of experience designing and developing LED illuminated communications products—we have a solution for you. Whether your organization is a startup or a global corporation, you will benefit from Bivar’s high-quality service.

A prominent manufacturer of networking equipment was struggling with LED installation errors. During the assembly process, technicians attached light pipes to the wrong LED color. This resulted in false readings from two indicators in the field.

Bivar investigated the assembly operations to determine potential solutions and uncovered the need for improved identification on the exterior of the flexible light pipe jackets. We color-coded the light pipe jackets, the board adapters, and the LEDs for easy assembly. Through rapid prototyping and extensive testing, we created color-coding options within the flexible light pipe series

The SMFLP ranges from 1.00” - 20.0” in length with a lens size of 4.2mm. Close collaboration with this client’s diverse team allowed us to discover a quick solution. We are an extension to your in-house engineering team, available to tackle any project obstacles you may encounter just like this one.