LED Illumination Support for EV & Automotive

LED Illumination Support: Movable Light for Moving Vehicles

Bivar is blazing a path with LED illumination support for engineering teams designing for electric vehicle, autonomous, and automotive applications. As products advance, indicators must share more information adding to design considerations. Bivar can support your designs with customized engineered solutions, rapid prototyping, guided design resolution, and more.

Rigid light pipes are installed in EV chargers that include Bivar’s LPV—a ZeroLightBleed™ surface mount adapter with built-in Bivar SMD LED and vertical light pipe. This technology prevents light bleed allowing for a clear illuminated display.

Light pipes operate by transferring the output from the LED to the area of use with minimal loss. Light pipes are crucial to safely display functions such as power, Wi-Fi, and the charging status. Light pipes also protect the user from potentially dangerous voltages.

Another factor for the EV charger displays is the brightness level depending on the application surroundings. When choosing a rigid light pipe system for EV chargers, planning for the appropriate IP ratings is necessary for the various environments.

The design of these lighting components includes an IP67 rating which protects against harsh elements such as liquids, dust, and airborne particles. The engineering team builds and tests new designs based on customer requirements allowing Bivar to support EV and automotion applications.

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