Component Mounts / Insulators

Mount and protect components with a wide variety of core thicknesses ranging from narrow, medium and wide. Available in many standard lengths sizes to fit any application. Customization available.

  Crystal Oscillator Insulators

Optimal crystal oscillator insulation and elevation from the PCB.


  • Improves performance and cooling efficiency.
  • Made from UL rated 94VTM-2 polyester film.
  • Range of dimensional options.

  Machine-Screw Insulators

High temperature shoulder washer.

  SW Component Mounts / Insulators

  • Easily insert and spread the. load of threaded fasteners.
  • Use with component sizes TO-3, TO-66, TO-218, TO-220, TO-247.
  • Made from UL rated 94V-0 nylon.
  • Range of dimensional options.

  Semi-Rigid PVC Mounts

Mount for semiconductors and passive components.


  • Provides uniform spacing.
  • Protects components from shock, vibration, and overheating.
  • Made from UL rated 94V-2 nylon.
  • Range of dimensional options.