In an era where distinctive illumination is pivotal to consumer and modern applications, Bivar presents an newest solution: Surface Area Light Guides, a product line ready for integration into OEM enclosures and equipment. These innovative light guides represent a combination of light pipe technology, lensing, and integrated control technique to achieve uniform illumination across designated surface areas.

Shape Offerings

SAR-0001-XX Exploded


SAC-0003-XX Exploded


Elevating the Way Your Product Communicates Data

Bivar's Surface Area Light Guides are specially designed for seamless integration near essential sensors and controls, ideal for applications that demand discreet yet effective backlighting or side-lighting. Critical system information can be relayed visually in real time, making these guides an crucial element for user interface design.

Equipped with advanced color coding and dynamic lighting effects, including flashing, sequential blinking, and customizable patterns, our light guides go beyond mere functionality; they enhance user experience and contribute to safety with intuitive, attention-grabbing signals.

Beyond functionality, Surface Area Light Guides also amplify product differentiation through vibrant, strategically placed illumination that captures user attention. Deploy Bivar’s innovative illumination solutions to distinguish your product’s design and enhance functionality with advancing technology.



SAR Logo Display
SALG Ring Light

Key Features

Illuminated surface area size options

Light source using Bivar's LED as a one single part number product

Multiple mounting options including snap, slide-in, mounting screw, and adhesive attachment

Key Benefits

Surface Area Light Guides' compact space-saving design is meticulously engineered to integrate seamlessly into confined environments, maximizing functionality without compromising on system's design.

At the heart of Surface Area Light Guides are Bivar's dependable PLCC surface mount LEDs, which guarantee a vibrant color output, an aesthetically appealing finish, and enduring performance.

Our customization capabilities are extensive, catering to your specific application requirements—ranging from specific shapes and power needs to controls and packaging configurations. Added to this is the versatility of our wiring options, designed to streamline installation and ensure seamless system connectivity.

Effortlessly meeting demands for rapid deployment, our solutions are readily available from stock with short lead times, affirming our commitment to delivering excellence with efficiency.

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