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Securing Circuit Cards

Card guides, ejectors, handles, inserters and extractors in many sizes, shapes and colors to fit any application. These reliable products secure, protect and provide access to your PCB or circuit cards when troubleshooting or conduct routine maintenance.


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PCB Card Guides

Vertical or horizontal card guides for every possible application or environment including low profile, high vibration and static sensitive PCB mounting options.

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PCB Ejectors

Designed to prevent undue stress on the PCB, circuitry, and connectors on circuit cards. Avaialbe in a wide-range of shapes and sizes to maximize security, increase longevity and improve accessibility to printed circuit board in backplanes and enclosures.

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PCB Handles

Circuit card accessibility and protection of components, circuitry and connectors. Sturdy single and dual handles with a multiple offset sizes including reduced footprint handles to maximize PCB space.

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Enclosure Handles

Enclosure accessibility designed for strength, enhanced support, and appearance available in a many sizes and finishes. Space-saving designs providing enhanced functionality and simple handling of industrial enclosures, panels, and subracks.

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PCB Inserters / Extractors

Snap and lock security of circuit card designed for easy access accessibility and protection of components, circuitry and connectors. Avaialbe in a various widths and lever styles and in a wide-range of colors.

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