Light Pipe Illumination for
Industrial-Grade Applications

Smart manufacturing continues to deliver key efficiencies driven by connectivity, automation, and analytics. This rise in efficiencies reaches into a broad range of industries that are reliant upon industrial grade products to meet challenging operational conditions. Heavy equipment, energy production, robotics, and machinery rely on industrial grade reliability for user interface controls of all shapes and sizes.

Bivar Rigid and Flexible Light Pipes provide control designers with the most options available. Options include reinforced built-in SMD LED mounting to guard against vibration, ingress protection for harsh conditions, and electrostatic discharge protection. Bivar’s Advanced Solutions team offers customization to meet your specific requirements.

Let us help with your next industrial grade design.

Featured Products


  • Available in 6mm or 9mm front-mount lens size.
  • Vertical and right-angle configurations.
  • Ideal for space-constrained spaces inside enclosures and on PCB’s.
  • Range of lengths and lens colors.
  • Use with panel thickness 0.059 in. (1.5mm) to 0.236 in. (6.0mm)
  • Hardware included.


  • 3 mounting options: Surface Mount, Firm Retention, Post Retention
  • Adapter with splash-guard built-in SMD LED option. Available in single and multi-color.
  • Available in 1mm, 2mm optical fiber diameter. Length 1.00 in. to over 100 ft.
  • Optical fiber colors: red, green, blue, yellow, white, black.
  • Range of IP54 lens sizes, shapes, and colors available.


  • Available in 3mm or 5mm front-mount lens size.
  • Lengths from .25 in. (6.4mm) to 3.0 in. (76.2mm)
  • Includes black or white polyurethane sealing gasket.
  • Use with panel thickness 0.047 in. to 0.093 in.
  • Hardware included. Torque 6-7 in-oz.


  • Available in 1mm, 2mm optical fiber diameter.
  • Optical fiber length: 1.0 in. to over 100 ft.
  • Single and multi-color Superflux LEDs.
  • Lens shapes: Round, Oval, Rectangular
  • Range of lens sizes, and colors available.
  • Optical fiber colors: red, green, blue, yellow, white, black.