Industrial laser machine

Sealing Gasket Lens Cap (SGLC) Needed for Laser Machine

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Lasers are used in various industries to etch markings on components, cut material, remove undesired hair, and more. Clear illumination of a status indicator is a necessary signal to inform the user that the machine is running or needs a replacement component. Bivar collaborated with a client who develops laser systems for industrial use.

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One of our clients was looking for a lens cap compatible with a laser machine. The laser machine is frequently used for cutting and scanning materials, so the lens cap needed to withstand consistent use in an industrial environment. They also wanted the cap to be IP rated and compatible with a rigid light pipe.

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After reviewing Bivar’s product offerings, our team, along with our client, successfully identified a viable solution for their laser machine. The SGLC Series has an IP68 rated sealing gasket intended for robust environments, including industrial use. We selected the low-profile dome for a sleek appearance and to ensure it properly fit with the machine. The LPV Series rigid light pipe was selected for its mating compatibility with the SGLC Series lens caps. It paired perfectly with the LPV Series, with its integrated surface mount LED and ZeroLightBleed™ adapter, which eliminated cross talk and protected the LED from electrostatic discharge, along with a simplified installation. Prior to assembling the light pipe and lens, we verified that the LED was able to sufficiently illuminate the lens cap and show the laser machine’s indication status. Our client was happy that these products were compatible with their machine and fit their unique needs.