HVAC Building Control System Application Details


HVAC Building Controls use programmable logic controllers to monitor air conditions such as air quality, set-points, room temperatures or occupancy. The Control System can be roof-mounted outdoors or in a HVAC damper control location indoors.

Application Requirements

Commercial Building HVAC contractors need the device to communicate statuses at-a-glance, indicating connection or fault using light pipes and LED indication. Additionally, the system and its parts need to be able to withstand moisture in the air requiring the light pipe to have an IP67 rating. Finally, the device is intended to run for many years.

Solution & Product Selection

The IP67-rated PLTR5 series was used with a tri-color Surface Mount LED ( SM1210 , SM0605 , and SMTL4 series) in the HVAC Building Control device. The tri-color LED allows the customer to create any color by blending the LED colors, so one indicator can display many different messages to the user.


With an IP67 rating, the PLTR5 light pipe is mounted with a seal, washer and nut to prevent from either dust infiltration, or in this use-case, water and moisture. The seal, made from 94V-0 polyurethane, is available in black or white. The low dome profile lens has a wide viewing angle, allowing for nearly 180° visibility.


The life expectancy of Bivar's LEDs fulfills the requirement for standard indication use.  The lifespan is based on usage parameters and can be shortened by certain factors including heat or high usage.

All-in-all: Meeting the need

Bivar's standard component selection helped the customer design communication into their HVAC Building Control system. Bivar's Tri-Color Surface Mount LED and PLTR5 light pipe with IP67 rating easily met the design goals for the application, and helped the project stay under budget. The customer could move the project right into production and get to market quickly without delay.


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