Light Pipe FAQ

What is the operating temperature range of your rigid light pipes?

Most of our rigid light pipes are comprised of Polycarbonate that has an operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.

What are your recommended mounting hole?

Mounting hole recommendations are on the part specific data sheet but these recommendations can be modified as you see fit to meet your particular application needs.

Can LED be exposed to washing or cleaning?

We don't recommend washing LEDs with silicone lenses because damage is possible. The PCB type (SM0805, SM1206...) will be a better choice for washing, but we don't recommend washing with pressurized water. There are no-clean solder pastes and fluxes on the market to match the needs of these LEDs.

Are 3D models or drawings available?

Yes, 3D models are available in a variety of file types on our website. The 3D model can be downloaded from the part number/product page or from our parametric search results.

How do I install light pipes? Are assembly instructions available?

Assembly of Bivar light pipes is quite easy and the majority are designed to be press-fit by hand and do not require any tools. Just follow the mounting hole recommendations on the light pipe drawing and insert/press the light pipe or adapter posts into the panel or board.

What is the recommended distance from LED to Light Pipe?

Best practice is to place the light pipe end as close as possible to the LED without actually touching the lens. LED viewing angle also plays a part in determining max distance (or gap). 

Does Bivar offer "binning" for LEDs?

Bivar does not offer custom LED binning. Our factory is equipped with computerized equipment that measures the wavelength of each LED and verifies that it is within our specified range, typical current and voltage specifications. (Basically the binning process. LEDs that are within the range are grouped.)

Similarly, the same machine measures the luminous intensity of each LED as it passes thru the test equipment.

Can I use light pipe with IR?

Bivar offers our LC-IR-XX.X series that is specifically designed for IR use.

How much torque for nut on PLTR series?

Most of our data sheets will have the torque value listed. Our PLTR2 (IP67 rated panel mount light pipe series) the torque value is 6-7 in-oz and our PLTR5 series has a torque value of 10-11 in-oz.

What lengths are your flexible light pipes available in?

Most of our flexible light pipes are available in a range of cut lengths as short as 1" and as long as 3,940" and any length in-between in 0.1" increments.

How do I fix light bleed?

Keeping the light pipe end as close as possible to the LED lens without actually touching is your first step. Also using an LED with a narrow viewing angle helps to channel the emitting light into the light pipe. If light bleed is still a concern, Bivar offers our unique ZeroLightBleed™ product family that will help eliminate any light bleed at it's source. Visit our ZeroLightBleed™ Flexible Light Pipe page or Four Tips for Preventing Light Bleed Blog to learn more.

Are your light pipes UL 94V-0 rated and is UL file number available?

The materials used in our light pipes are UL rated. The majority of our light pipes are comprised of Polycarbonate that is UL94V-0 and V-2 rated and has a UL file number of E245526.

Still need help?

If your questions weren't answered in our light pipe FAQs, contact our customer support.